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Sunday Night Bible Study

Updated: 4 days ago

Sunday Night Bible Study

led by Rev. Anne Russell Bradley

What if ordinary, everyday moments could be offering us opportunities to remember who we are as the people of God and to practice our faith? Perhaps in waking up we could learn to be God’s beloved as we acknowledge our baptism. Maybe checking our emails and texts could become a means of blessing people and sitting in traffic or waiting in line could be an opportunity to welcome the waiting and spend a few unhurried moments with God. Each day presents us with many opportunities to notice the touch of God’s presence and grace encouraging us to live out our faith.

On Sunday nights beginning January 22, 2023, we’ll begin reading “The Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life,” by Tish Harrison Warren, and we’ll talk about how our practices of worship can blend into our ordinary days enabling us to connect with God and one another. In short, we’ll share ways that our Sunday worship can be a part of the other six days of the week.

We’ll meet at 5pm in the Chapel. Please contact Anne Russell if you need more information:

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